Women in Natural Sciences

The Women in Natural Sciences (WINS) program at the College of Natural Sciences is committed to creating a network of women pursuing a career in the sciences in order to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.


To accomplish this, WINS creates a supportive and encouraging environment for women in the study of science throughout their lives by:

  • Stimulating scientific interest and success of girls in grades K-12 through volunteer work in collaboration with local schools and organizations;
  • Supporting undergraduate women in their first year by offering cohort programs and peer mentoring;
  • Creating a community of high-achieving women whose focus on excellence in science and in life helps to form connections with each other throughout college and even past graduation;
  • Encouraging female students to pursue research while in college as well as a post-graduate science education.

Why do we need WINS?

The goal of WINS is to help establish the College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin as a leader in the cultivation, recruitment, retention, and ultimate success of women in the sciences.


By encouraging the love of science in school-aged girls and young women, and by supporting young women through their undergraduate studies, WINS aims to create a community of women scholars focused on scientific achievement at the university and beyond.