Beyond the First Year

WINS offers a variety of innovative programming options designed to complement the academic rigor of an undergraduate level science degree plan as well as provide an opportunity for continued interaction past the first year. Many of these programs are open to WINS students at any stage of their college career. Therefore they are able to continue participating in enriching activities with their mentors and peers, while still accommodating the demanding schedule of an undergraduate student in the College of Natural Sciences. 

Development Workshops

WINS sponsors development workshops aimed at promoting academic, professional, and personal success. Topics have included locating and obtaining summer research opportunities, developing successful study skills, understanding non-traditional careers in science, building a science resume and more.

Leadership Development and Volunteerism

WINS sponsors outreach programs and events designed to stimulate the scientific curiosity of elementary, middle, and high school age girls. WINS students gain valuable leadership skills and give back to the community through active participation in the coordination and operation of these events.

Opportunities Abroad

Since 2012, students in the WINS Program have had the opportunity to travel to another country for group shadowing as well as to experience another culture together as a program. WINS students have spent time together in Costa Rica, Argentina, Perú, Portugal, and Hungary. In 2019, WINS formed a partnership with the TIP Scholars Program for a dual program shadowing experience during January of 2020 in Greece and have since gone to Portugal and Croatia. In all instances, students are able to apply for full to partial scholarships from WINS to make these adventures possible for each student who has a desire to experience and learn from life outside of the US.