WINS Volunteering & Outreach

WINS Students exploring Chemistry

Julia Serna, creates an oscillating clock with a Walnut Elementary student in the Boys and Girls Club as part of a Fun With Chemistry event.

Women in Natural Sciences (WINS) seeks to promote science outreach programs for students in grades K-12. WINS is also passionate about giving back to the Austin community through various volunteer opportunities.

WINS students have multiple opportunities throughout the year to share their love of science with students in local elementary and secondary schools. WINS students perform outreach at special educational events, mentor/tutor students in local independent school districts, and provide essential support for on-campus outreach events. The following outreach opportunities are available to any WINS student, past or present, to provide everyone with an opportunity to serve! 

We participate in events and initiatives both on and off campus.

Such as:

Beginning Spring 2012, the WINS Program began a special partnership with Girlstart, a local non-profit which shares our goal of mentoring young women in science.  WINS students have the opportunity to volunteer and also gain paid internship experience through Girlstart. Through events like DeSTEMber and Girls in STEM, WINS students are able to inspire young girls to pursue STEM careers and contribute to end the stigma against women in science. 

Have an idea for a WINS outreach project or interested in WINS volunteering at your school? Let us know at!